In te ao Māori, the concept of ako encompasses both teaching and learning. Our lab has developed various programs infused with ako, such as research starters and Little AI Scholars, to enhance the efficiency of AI education. Learn more about how we are fostering learning through mutual teaching and learning experiences, fostering growth through educational interactions, exploration, and sharing in AI and within the community.

Joseph's interest in biology led us to design an exciting DNA project tailored for him, enabling him to learn how to apply AI in biological research. This project is part of our AI in Science series of projects.

Phoebe's interest in law inspired us to create an engaging project for her to simultaneously learn about AI and law. This project not only involves developing an AI model but also delves into the background knowledge and encourages deep thinking about how to serve the community.

Josephine's interest in medical applications using AI inspired us to create a project focused on automated medical services using speech processing.

Elaine's passion for art design has led us to develop an exciting project for her, centered around generating captivating artwork using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). Through this project, she will not only learn how GANs function but also gain hands-on experience in implementing them. We hope this serves as a promising start, paving the way for future serial models based on GANs for art design.

Thank you very much for Miinuo's enthusiasm for female rights protection. We are excited to collaborate on breast cancer (BC) detection using AI technology during her journey with us. This research holds immense potential for early diagnosis of BC, and we look forward to our work together.    

It's fascinating to engage in vineyard-related projects at the Vineyards AI Lab. Claire will focus on analyzing wine-growers' data in New Zealand after acquiring knowledge about data. Despite being the youngest member of the lab, Claire's contributions are certainly not to be underestimated. Claire, we eagerly anticipate your outstanding work.

Deepening our understanding of information security is crucial, particularly since we are all immersed in the digital era. Thomas will delve into this intriguing topic in the lab. This topic is one of our developed series of AI courses. We eagerly anticipate your outstanding work, Thomas.

Computer vision is a critical field that applies machine learning models to improve its performance. Claire will continue her AI journey to study computer vision (stage 1) and finish an interesting project using the technology of computer vision and machine learning. This topic is one of our developed series of AI courses.

David and Yulin are interested in natural language processing (NLP). They will learn NLP skills and pipeline for an NLP task. LLM is huge and powerful, but the fundamental NLP knowledge is necessary. This topic is one of our developed AI courses.

We cannot live without mathematics in our lives. No doubt that math plays a critical role in AI development. We developed a course that teaches fun math with related interesting AI topics. Esther is learning this and she gave this topic a name - MathAi. You are the best, Esther, enjoy the journey.